Frequently Asked Questions

Are Buddig products gluten free?

All Carl Buddig meat products are gluten free. Wheat, oats and barley are not used in any Carl Buddig meat item or in any ingredient used in Carl Buddig meat products.

Can the products be frozen?

Carl Buddig meats may be frozen to extend their shelf life; however, when meat products are frozen, there is some deterioration in quality. Ice crystals tend to rupture the meat fibers resulting in a reduction of the moisture holding capacity of the meat. Defrosting at room temperature is not recommended since the outside of the meat may reach temperatures above 40° F.

Once a package is opened, how long do I have to consume it?

Once a package of sliced meat is opened, it should be used within four to six days. The colder the refrigerator the longer the product can be safely kept.

How many days past the "sell-by" date can the product be consumed?

Most Carl Buddig packages now have a "use by" date rather than the traditional "sell by" date. Where packages have the "use by" date, the meat should be consumed by the date printed on the package. Where packages have the "sell by" date, the meat should be used within seven days of the "sell by" date.

What is sodium erythorbate? (I.e., is it made from earthworms?)

Sodium erythorbate does not come from earthworms. As an ingredient in processed meats, sodium erythorbate has similar functional properties as vitamin C. The advantage of using erythorbate is that it does not break down as readily as vitamin C. Sodium erythorbate is used in combination with curing agents to speed up color fixation and to preserve color during storage.

In the Weight Watcher's® program, the calories per slice do not equal the calories per package. Which is correct, calories per slice or calories per package?

The calories per package is very accurate. When calories per slice is calculated, this figure is rounded per USDA guidelines. This makes for a slight mathematical discrepancy when comparing the calories per slice times the number of slices in the package as compared to the calories per package stated.